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It was last summer… People, as always, wanted something new, interesting and cool, but they were not prepared and did not expect, that something will really happen. Bunch of people named Gamers waited fresh games, one of them were Battlefield 1. It was new, typical part, as previous Battlefields. Most of the people did not care about that game. But contrary to their expectations it made so big stir… that even impossible to imagine…

People got their Battlefield 1 trailer and that happened… This trailer got more, than milliard views on the first day and it was not because of the game. The soundtrack for this trailer was so epical and col, that you cannot stop listening to that. Everybody in the whole world heard that, they started to make covers, play this song on different instruments, starting with solo drums and ending with church orchestra. Even if somebody was whistling this song on the streets other people started to sing, play or whistle that with him, but that is not most epical about this song… It was played by thousands of people, just imagine thousands of drummers, too much? Then imagine also few thousands other instruments with them… so that was most epical cover I have seen in my life.

Name of that song is a Seven Nation Army made by group named White Stripes. I have never heard or seen more popular and epical song. If you still never heard it, then it is hard to understand me and probably it is unbelievable, that somebody still do not knows about that song. If I graded this song, then I have broken the limits and given to it 11 out of 10, because it is a pop-rock song, but even classic or jazz lovers really enjoy this song. It is played on all the known instruments, played in all possible styles and with millions of people, when thousand played at the same time.

Only this music trailer costs it to but the game, what I can say about the game? It is a typical historical shooter with some more epical soundtracks, of course not same apical as this song. So… just listen and enjoy!

and the official song

Writing Prompt: Music

If I were not a Physicist, I would probably be a musician. I Often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.

Albert Einstein

This phrase is very similar to me, because I am good at sciences, but in the same time I am musician and probably if I do not had any chances to becaome a scientist i have became a musician. I still think about that, because music sometimes can change your mind, motivate you or even throw you in depression. Music is not just one subgenre of Arts. It is a more, than just arts, it is a life and it is same important as technologies, languages and so on. We just can`t live without sound. We will go crazy.

To become a musician you need to be very talented and study a lot. 7 years of music school is nothing, if you can`t understand music. Music must go out from your soul. It improves world, as technologies, but in different way.

Music is a language, way of self-experession, life and progress. Only most talented musicians can become a popular one`s, but these guys will control hearts and feelings of a huge amount of people. It is a really big resposibility and people, who can manage that are much stronger, than we are, maybe not physically, but mentally exactly. They have their own problems, but music became their work and they never forgets about fans and always work as best as they can. The same with scientists. Making something new is their job, but they all do as much as they can, they break normal human abilities to make our life more comfortable and their work costs same, as musicians.

Every country have musicians and scientists, because they are even more important than governement or religion. You can hear music everywhere… In church as a part of religion, Country hymn as part of country and just working songs, that workers sing to work faster. It is as imprtant as technologies, that makes people able to make music and play that.

Music review

The song i chose for my music review is called Come as you are written for band from Seattle named Nirvana and composed by Curt Cobain, who was singer in that group.

–ö–į—Ä—ā–ł–Ĺ–ļ–ł –Ņ–ĺ –∑–į–Ņ—Ä–ĺ—Ā—É nirvana

Nirvana is a very popular and known group today. They play alternative rock, grunge. It is a one of the rock types and also named as punk or modern rock, so it is based on the instrumental sound and can be named as independent rock, because you can hear there every instrument and solos from them.

The best point in Nirvana is a contrast. It made by the post feeling from instrumental part and Curt Cobain`s voice. It makes songs more alive. Most of their compositions sounds as something unlimeted and neverendless, but by adding there lyrics part it becames so emotional, that is hard to explain. Because almost everybody can find in their songs something close to theirs souls and this back feeling of slowly flowing and the passing life only multiplies that effect. The feeling of constant and hard base, rhytmical drumms and sad guitar as flowing life in combination with Curt Cobain`s voice as all bad or good moments in your life, based on song, that you list to, creates this effect and that is really cool.

On this moment we are unable to hear them alive, but their songs will be in our hearts. Same feels more, than 100 millions people in whole World, who bough Nirvana`s records.

Nirvana is a three man`s group(but some people say 2, because drumms players often changed). The composer, singer and guitarist of the group was always Curt Cobain, Bass guitar player Krist Novoselic and drumms player changed, but the longest one was Dave Grohl.¬†Nirvana`s career was started in 1987 and their first album “Bleach”¬†was published in 1989 and ended with¬†live album¬†“From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah”¬†in 1996. Nirvana songs are a bit similar to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Greenday and Three days Grace.

–ö–į—Ä—ā–ł–Ĺ–ļ–ł –Ņ–ĺ –∑–į–Ņ—Ä–ĺ—Ā—É nirvana

One of the best Nirvana songs are:


All apologies from live album¬†“MTV Unplugged In New York” (1994) and album¬†“In Utero” (1993)

What else should I be
All apologies
What else could I say
Everyone is gay
What else could I write
I don’t have the right
What else should I be
All apologies

Smells like teen spirit from album album: “Nevermind” (1991) and last live album¬†“From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah” (1996) That became a most successful album and song in their career.

With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us

Come as you are from live album¬†“MTV Unplugged In New York” (1994) and album¬†“Nevermind” (1991)

Come as you are, as you were,
As I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy.
Take your time, hurry up

The song makes feelings of lost friends in this cruel world and unability to see them again. You feel that it is hard to live and sometimes even want o die, but in same time it relaxes and interests you and as most of the other music groups clips and music it is a bit psychodelic.

And I swear that I don’t have a gun
No I don’t have a gun



Finally i want to say that it is a good band and leaves after listening best feelings. I want to rate this group with 8 out of 10, because they have good enough sounds and style, but all their songs a bit too psychodelic for me. Also the sounds is a bit constant and you cannot see something hard in the songs, if you are a musician.


The biggest problem of globalization

“the key to revitalizing a language is by motivating a new generation of speakers”

The statement is halfcorrect and based on my experience it is not the best way. If language starting to die, but still some people know that, then it is chance to save that. If it is too less people, who know that, then the real language cannot be saved and will die. Even the books cannot give to us everything about language, they can give some basic knowledge, but it will never open to us some deepths of language. To receive this deepths you need a big experience in communication on that language, literature and you must be very interested in the language or be a linquist.

If government will try to save a language (before it become impossible), then one of the ways is to motivate people(not only new generation). The nice example of that are China and USSR. In China was the big problem, that south language was different from north. The King of China found a best way to correct that. It was to create a Mandarin language, set that as official and finally motivate people. At last step government chose to motivate people by paying them for knowing Mandarin, this was the most important point. People were motivated from few sides and after a short period of time Mandarin became an official language of China.

USSR is a little bit different situation. In USSR everybody knew Russian, so all near countries needed to learn that, because of trading and communication ability. USSR power and influence was so big, that in the whole world people though to learn Russian, because it was nice chance to find a new job close to USSR.

Based on that I want to say, that the best way to save language is not a new generation, it is a showing language power and motivating the parents of new generation.

Century of Technology and the language of greed named English

Raining money on a businessman with an umbrella

“Riding the crest of globalization and technology, English dominates the world as no other language ever has, and some linguists now say it may never be dethroned as the king of languages”

Based on my knowledge and going from my point of view, this stimulus is stated incorrectly. I fully agree, that we live in the peak of the technology and globalization century and world needs some common language to communicate, which role took English and it is easy to understand why it happened. As seen historically, English became a global language since British empire. At that time, it meant the possibility for a trade, business and education. Thus it spread so quickly.

But the point, where I disagree is that English will be never dethroned. Now is a technology century and the most popular thing today are social sites and games. Games are really popular everywhere and today computer games have tournaments big championships and because of that, games became a cyber-sport. And the best players are Asians. That gives to them a chance to start their own dominating and in same time they have a really big power, because Korea is the most massive creator of the games, Japan is the most massive creator of the new technologies and upgrades and Mandarin language speak 1/5 of the whole World`s population.

For today, English is the only language that connects the world. Thus it is the language of business or money. Asian countries seek for a customer in Europe or the USA, thus everything is translated. At the same time, they have a power to change it and bring own rules to the ‚Äúgame‚ÄĚ.

Finally, I want to say that English is a language of money and until the phrase “Greed is good” will be actual, English will dominate the world, because of people`s greed, but time changes and it is always moments, when somebody can take the initiative, like Asians now or USSR in previous.

The US government is buying 11 million pounds of idle cheese

US did a nice step to raise economics again. They trying to raise amount of money, what will receive farmers throw their production. Based on that people will receive more, spend more and economics will go up. It is a very nice move to improve economics and the $20 million dollars are nothing for the US.

Also that again did worser the relationships with Russia. Thanks to the before done sanctions US trying to solve Russia and destroy their relationships.

It is a nice movement either in economics and in politics(sanctions improovment).

Here is the page if you are interested in that http://qz.com/765250/the-us-government-is-buying-11-million-pounds-of-idle-cheese/